Liveable Northern Towns and Cities

The Corona Virus pandemic has further highlighted the need to address the inequalities in access to quality greenspaces in urban areas and the associated health and wellbeing impacts. At the same time, how we use our towns and cities will be influenced by the changes in working practices and the retail sector post COVID-19. There is a danger that unless addressed, the gap in health and productivity between the North and the rest of England could become even larger. Further, climate change means we need to enhance our cities resilience to rising temperatures and flooding as well as addressing poor air quality.

This “concept” aims to improve the quality of existing greenspaces and create new ones across Northern towns and cities that address these multiple challenges. We need to provide equitable provision of high quality nature and greenspace across our urban areas. There is a need to use nature to create vibrant (green) places in our city and town centres that add to the cultural draw for visitors and business investment alongside heritage and leisure.